E Check Merchant Account | High Risk ACH Check Processing

Echeck Merchant Account | Electronic Checks. Low Risk, Mid-Risk & High-Risk Check Processing Services. High risk merchant account payment processing services including e-check ACH & check 21 high risk check payment processing services. Call centers, MOTO merchants that need a Virtual Terminal for call center check processing of telephone orders and mail order merchants, or eCommerce Merchants that require an API integrated check solution as well as MOTO Virtual Terminal.

Our eCheck solutions offer a variety of reporting tools as well as a robust Payment Gateway with many advanced features including:

  • Repeat Billing / Recurring Billing
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Check verification
  • Address Verification / Bank Routing
  • Fraud Scrubbing
  • Secure Encrypted Virtual Terminal Access
  • API for Developer Integration / Programming
  • Detailed Reports / Daily – Weekly – Monthly – Yearly Totals
  • Batch Upload / Daily Auto-Batch Processing
  • Quickbooks Export


Major Benefits of Accepting eChecks:

  • Accept payment from any one with a valid US Checking account
  • Funds from eCheck transactions are confirmed in the customer’s account in seconds.
  • Merchants worldwide can use eCheck to accept electronic check payments
  • International merchants accepted
  • Consumer accounts debited same or next day
  • 24 hour account access with full reporting
  • Funds cleared through the Federal Reserve
  • Easy Approval
  • Simple online application
  • No signature required before approval
  • Photo ID and Utility bill are all that are required in most cases for supporting documents
  • Less than 5 minutes to complete the application online
  • There are no up-front setup fees !

Echeck Merchant Account & High-Risk ACH Processing Services